Diversification of brokers

Guys I just want to put a reminder that you need to diversify not only your stocks but also the brokers.

Today was a hard lesson to learn. There is chinese broker app (i wont name it) that worked flawlessly and you could both buy and sell GME. I’ve been all against the chinese intrusion and communists but it looks like some options are not that bad. The “free market” seems more tilted towards few big players.


Is it webull?
Unfortunately we can’t trade with it in the uk but the level 2 data it provides is pretty interesting.

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This is a very important reminder. I am considering Degiro as they did not halt trading today and heard really good things about them.

Interesting to note that ‘most’ of DEGIROs trading costs are ‘cheap’ but there’s about 500 ETFs that are completely free to trade. £0. So is a good account to have as a ‘backup’ - which has come in handy the last few days.

Example free etf…


You’ll ‘likely’ end up paying less than £1 or £2 to trade U.K. or US stock instantly. The account funding is SLOW. But after you fund your account it’s a good platform. It’s worth it in these crazy times.

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Now would be a really good time for the likes of Etoro to grab a share hold.


Track commission free brokers available in Europe here…

NOK example


Get yourself some backup accounts in this crazy volatile time

I see based on your search that the Nokia ISIN starts with “US”.
Does that mean that its ADR listing is its primary listing and the Helsinki listing is a minor secondary listing?

No, the ‘parent’ is on Helsinki

The US version is the ADR


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Random ‘interesting’ news - I fired up my Revolt account yesterday for trading GME and apart from the odd ‘delay’ during market halts it worked pretty well.

Never a Revolut fan but in these times… hey… take what you can get… it might be a useful backup in case other brokers stop trading… maybe…🤷🏼


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