Broker Comparison Table

Since we want to make sure that we provide the best service to our customers, we’ve compiled a table comparing Trading 212 to other brokers. We would be grateful to hear your feedback. Is it missing anything important to you? Did we get anything wrong about the other brokers?


I would add two more important differentiators:

  • number of E.U. countries where the broker is available
  • demo account

I would also add a comparison to Trade Republic another cheap broker on the market

Meh I got half of my investment stuck on revolut. If only there is option to move stock from broker to t212 :confused: I hate to sell positions with 20% growth margine…


In the interest of accuracy, FreeTrade does have google/apple pay but I believe there is limit of £1000 per customer ever. Once exceeded it can’t be used anymore…

That’s all I can think of. So very nice table :+1:


Great table.

HL 0.45% ISA fee is capped at £45 per year.


Might be missing something… but whenever I extract all stocks/ETFs etc from your online list and extract ETFs only… I get a universe of about ~300 ETFs… not the 500+ quoted on that table

Different view for different country of residence? Can’t imagine that’s the reason?

Really? 500+ I really an only isolate about 300 ETFs

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@Finki The instruments are uploaded but not visible to everyone yet, they’re in a testing phase. The massive batch will be released in about a week.


They will add this feature in the future, but I think you will pay a lot…

Some correction for Revolut:

  • ETFs (when they will ad them) only with 13£ per month subsription;
  • Contumer support priority only with 13£ per month subsription.

The 2 things, which I know you are working on, missing are Junior ISAs and SIPPs that you can get from HL. Also HL provide a research service, which is important for making investment decisions.


Trading212 i think is one of the best free broker app here in UK. I am repenting starting with Freetrade, there customer service sucks big time, The money deposit comes after ages and when they say they have updated the account the deposit would be instant thats a lie because its only up to 1000 quid. Placing / Selling order instantly comes with a fees , Limit , Stop Limit etc is not present. The only good thing with them is that they are great in marketing and they have somehow convinced majority of their users that they are safe and if you look at their community and speak about the Trading212 you get the vibe that your money is going to some dodgy broker app.
I think you guys need to up your game in marketing and remove the myth that some have especially since most of the features here are free people cant take it :slight_smile: may be adding some minor fees some where will help you :slight_smile:


Just got banned from the FT forum for shilling apparently… not the best. All I basically said was that T212 has a fast request turnaround


Yup i got banned too, I am not sure what made them to do that . They are a startup doing good i just stated the good things Trading212 has currently and if they can come up with the similar stuff . The worst bit is i have account even in Freetrade and investment too so i am kind of worried


I also have an account in FreeTrade. So I’m quite annoyed at being called a shill.

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Just read the thread - a bit harsh that