Dividend E- Wallet - Link to other Apps and Deep analysis of portfolio


Sorry if I am suggesting too much but I love the app/platform and would like to see 3 major updates.

First: Divided E-Wallet

Whenever any investor receive dividend either in pennies or pounds then it should be moved into Trading212 E-Wallet with clear information about the dividends. For which company paid, date, amount and new balance after each dividend. From E-Wallet we should be able to spend our dividend by debit card, withdraw into bank or move into isa/investor/CFD account.

Second: Connectivity to financial services

The second update I would to have is that we should be able to link our Trading212 account to other financial services like Yahoo Finance, sharesight or Emma.

Third: Deep/Export analysis of portfolio

We have the pie to see where we investment our money but it is very limited. I like to to see more detailed analysis such all entire portfolio in a list view with information of purchase date/price growth/lose percentage of portfolio. We should be able to export this into word to keep track of it.

Sorry for the long post. Thank you


+1 for Emma integration

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