Curious about ETF's available

Hi to all! I’m new here so I am curious about one thing. I am starting to get informations about ETF 's and I use for that also They have a ranking list for that up to 5 star ETF. Until now I am not able to find any available 5 star in trading 212 list. What do you think?

Hi, I’ve been on here since late March, I had a good positive return on the Vanguard S&P500 (VUSA) and then cashed out. Today I have bought only my 2nd EFT and it is the Wisdomtree WTI Crude - it has already showing 3.8% gain from this morning for me - oil looks like it is finally turning positive with the lockdown restrictions being suggested soon. One thing I have learned is that the bigger gains on normal stocks are definitely in the US markets in recent weeks, they move up in dollars in seconds some times, the UK stocks seem to move in pennies.

Check out the list I prepared of ETF’s.

Judge yourself on past performance, fee’s, and fund sizes.

Some may not be available on Trading212, but the big ones are!


Thanks! I really appreciate that!

If we’re UK based aren’t we better off with ETFs in pounds?

Yes, of course.

Though, will the volatility in the market and the recent downturn, don’t be put off from investing in other currency markets. Just choose a day where the exchange rate is favorable.

It’s just easier to invest in your own currency without having to research the the exchange rates. I don’t have the time or inclination for that. Freetrade seems more geared towards UK investors then T212 in that sense.