Dividend not auto invested?

The app said I had received a dividend for LGEN, all of the stock is within a pie. However, I see no pie cash or an auto investment of the dividend, where has it gone?

I do have auto invest switch on and it was on at the start of the pie’s creation.

We covered that in another thread. You can check my reply below :point_down:

I had a similar experience with my app not showing dividends properly. It can be frustrating, especially when everything seems set up correctly. In my case, it turned out that the dividend was still being processed and hadn’t shown up yet. It might be worth reaching out to the app’s support team to get some clarity on what’s happening with your dividend.

It is a bit confusing, I have dividend payments on stocks that were in a pie but because auto-invest is knocked off they went to my free funds account. Now I have one in the same pie and the funds are in the pie’s “Total Gains” account.
So does this mean it’s just telling me the gains from that pie but the money went into free funds?
Or is the money in the pies funds and I need to re-invest using that pie or, can I release it into my free funds somehow?