Dividend Paying Pie on Auto Invest

Hi everyone,

What are your thoughts on some must have dividend paying stocks and ETFs? I plan on having a dividend paying pie when Auto Invest is enabled for the rest of us. So far I have Realty Income, Walt Disney (even though they suspended their dividend), Vanguard FTSE High Dividend Yield ETF and Vanguard S&P 500 ETF.

Any thoughts on what else I should include in my pie or what you think is good value at the moment?

I’m curious to see what the trading 212 community has to say. :smiley:

Thank you.

There are some well know dividend payers that you will certainly find in many lists:

for example… :wink:

I suggest ABBV, T, JNJ, IBM, VZ and maybe the oil stocks like CVX and XOM.

Vanguard FTSE High Dividend Yield ETF has yield of 4.09% and there is OCF of 0.29%. Because 15% withholding tax has been taken off that means the original yield on the holdings was (4.09+0.29)/0.85 = 5.16%. So you should be able to get better than 5% by buying stocks directly, i.e. 25% more income than you get with the ETF. Of course it is easier to diversify with the ETF.

Thanks for the list. I currently have some shares in O and Stag has been on my watch list but I felt that I missed out when the price was good

I appreciate the advice. Good to see an example put out in front of me. Will definitely make me reconsider my ETF holdings

If you plan to do dollar cost average, it’s not the most important decision point :wink:

True, still new to this so good to hear what others have to say