Pie for 8-10% Plus Solid Dividend Growth Each Year

Here is a Pie for Consistent dividend growers who have seen over 8-10% dividend growth each year over the last 5-10 years on consistent basis www.trading212.com/pies/l71PoMTzVOiZVB8KhF3WcsyI4EGO Happy Investing and please share your thoughts.

Nice pie, I don’t know all of those well but good to see 5 of my 6 stock pie for Dividend growth is in there, and 2 in my growth pie.

My pie is:

25% SBUX
22% NEE (not in your pie)
18% JPM
15% AXP
10% V
10% MA

I also own MSFT and AAPL but currently put them in my growth pie.

Dividend growth is actually my highest conviction pie/play, as for me I think dividend growth companies, also generally are growing well too, at least the 6 I chose are. Gives a good balance of some cash returned to you in flat/down times and gives growth along with dividends in the good times. Also psychologically I love the idea of getting great dividend return on cost in 5-10 years buy buying and watching it grow.

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@Hbomb Nice Picks, I have gone a little bit more diversified and kind of treat this pie as a Dividend ETF and auto invest each month to keep the ball rolling for long period of time.

You are right its lovely and so satisfying to receive and see dividends growing.

I haven’t added NEE because of fluctuations in its revenue and earnings decline in last 2 years.

Happy investing

Yep NEE wont be for everyone, and had a big run up, but I think with this pullback its decent value for a solid stock for many years. Also for me it is half of my energy play along with BP.