Your ultimate dividend pie?

Hi guys. Just wondering if someone who’s focusing on dividends would be happy to share some of their pies? Interested to see how you have configured these pies.

I divide mine by sector currently, but my consumer pie has most of my favourite dividend stocks:

Unilever 30%
Starbucks 30% (fav out of these 5)
Diageo 20%
Coca-Cola 12.5%
Mcdonalds 7.5%

However if I were to create a long term dividend pie from my stocks I own it would be tricky but here are a list:

Reliable (3% ish)
Johnson & Johnson

High Yield:
BAE systems

High Dividend Growth:
NextEra Energy

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Hard to call it pie but gona fund it for next ~30 years and we’ll see if it was good choice:

50% LGEN
25% AV.
25% SLA

For now those my only dividend paying stocks. Have some kind of aversion when it comes to US companies growth or dividend paying doesn’t metter. Investing mainly in UK and Africa

im a simple man :slight_smile:

W.P and Realty income have increased there dividends since like 1999 and before

I would like to share 4 portfolios. It would be nice to hear what do you think about it folks.

Dividend aristocrats (4 etfs covering US, UE, UK and Asia)

REITS (portfolio containing solid US REITS, PK is not paying now dividend but I think it’s worth to hold it)

A mix of high and low yield dividend stocks. Most of them are quite popular. Berkshire is not paying dividend but still I want to have it in my pie. Viatris is also not paying for now but it will change in near future.

Pie containing stocks from energy sector and utilities (electricity, gas, oil, midstream, pipelines)

Hi, I’ve put together my own dividend bucket that has been running for half a year now, so I was able to get a first impression of the real performance.After making small adjustments to the division and exchanging 2 or 3 positions which increased the chances of growth dramatically.

What do you think of my basket?