No FX Conversion Fee on Dividends

Just wanted to make the message clear:

Payments arising from corporate actions such as dividends will not incur an FX conversion fee.

The FX fee will be applicable only when trading.


That’s an excellent news.
From my side, I had the opportunity during a webinar in French on my personal youtube channel, while I was doing a review of Trading212, to compare the dividend amounts paid by T212 with the official dividend amount… and I had the pleasant surprise to discover that Trading212 does not take any mark-up on the amount of dividends (while many brokers take a small commission). The amount of dividends corresponds to the exact amount after deduction of taxes.


Very happy to hear that.

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Amazing news, thank you 212 now we wont be double fee’d (receiving the dividend then investing it)



Thank you guys :smiley: Great news

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@Dividendenfreunde you might find this news interesting if you’ve not seen it yet.

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