Dividend per share

Is the dividend per share what we would get every quarter or every year split per quarter?

Thank you

That’s how much the company paid out in dividends in the last fiscal year. Divide this by how often the company pays out it’s dividend, as you said usually by quarter, and this is what you can expect to receive each time if the company has consistent dividends (if it is all over the place, the 5 year average may be more useful).
It may also be useful to divide the dividend per share by the share price for dividend yield, or by your average price for a yield on cost percentage.

No. That is the dividend per share what is paid annually. If dividend is paid quarterly, then divide it by 4.

Thank you very much guys

Some of the dividends are incorrect, since recent dividend increases so double check

Also not all dividend are paid in quarters, some are biannual or annual.

Last to not is any US dividend will also have a 15%/30% withholding tax applied

rather than 15%/30% its more accurate to say 15-30% depending on where you are investing from and what your countries taxation treaty with the US is like, and then whether or not you filled out the W8 BEN to reduce it in the first place (T212 does this for everyone now)