Dividend Pie Reinvestment

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I have mixed opinions about the pie feature but I have thoroughly enjoyed creating lots of different pies for different purposes; I just have a bad feeling about it in the future, especially if investing small amounts.

Anyway, I’m looking for some clarification about receiving and reinvesting dividends within the pie. I believe whatever dividend payment you receive will be split up according to your pies averages. I’d much rather the pie to automatically reinvest the dividend into the stock it came from (drip). Wouldn’t it be possible to have a separate dividend fund for each stock within the pie so that it can accumulate, this would be much better for long term investors.

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Sorry for being so blunt to a long question, but yes DRIP is coming soon to individual stocks, whiteout even needing to use pies. And if you really wanted to do it now you can create a pie with only one stock in it and set it to automatically reinvest dividends.

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Nope. Dividend will paid in your pie times the number of shares. Example:

Pie 1
AAPL - 0,2 shares

Pie 2
AAPL - 0,8 shares

In total you will get dividends for 1 shares AAPL, but 0,2 x dividends goes into Pie 1 and 0,8 x dividends goes into Pie 2.

This happens when DRIP is set to ON. If you set DRIP to OFF, the dividends in that pie will be added to your free funds in your account (thus outside your pies)

I think what OP meant was dividends recieved will be reinvested in your pie on a By Target basis. E.g. if AAPL had 10% weight, 10% of the distribution would be reinvested in AAPL.

Ah yes that makes sense. In that case what @cavanhagan says. I created an “Applepie” with just Apple in it and DRIP on.