Pie dividend re-investment options

Within a PIE, Can there be a setting for dividends to auto reinvest into whichever company provides them? To me this is the most logical method for compounding returns.

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Like if you make a pie of 1 company? Believe it is coming in the future but not 100% sure. Making many pies of 1 company each will reinvest only into the company in that pie :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s just a pain when it comes to regular investments as they become individual transactions. Pie is great to auto split a lump sum

I like mine being split between the pie, but I can see that others may want this.

I’m wondering how this might work in a pie of 1 stock pies when nested pies come out if they don’t implement it as an individual feature of the re-invest

I think being able to reinvest JUST in the stock that gave the dividend is a needed feature for sure.

As it stands I wouldn’t mind it splitting dividends between all segments of pies so much, but I hate seeing long decimals for some shares like 5.263534424232 so doing it all manually even within pies so I can just by like 0.2 or 1.5 or something.