Dividend yield-confused

is the dividend yield shown in 212 app similar to the bank interest rate shown on bank accounts. ls the yield shown for the last year or last payment period .Why do different web sites show different yields for the same company?.thanks

the yield on T212 is a trailing 12-month yield. This means that it calculates the dividend yield by dividing the sum of dividends paid out over the last 12 months by the current share price. Other sites like for example yahoo finance show forward yields which calculate the dividend yield by taking the sum of the expected/declared dividends in the upcoming 12 months and dividing it by the current share price.

Forward yields account for dividend cuts/raises while trailing yields do not. Note that forward yields aren’t always accurate and that you should always look through the investor relations page for the most accurate data.

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thanks that makes it a lot clearer

This has been bugging me for a while, with some/lots of dividends I still cant work out how T212 is calculating them? Lets take Taylor Wimpey for example:

Currently displayed at 3.18%, why?

Cancelled its dividend so if yield was 0% I would understand, it has now reinstated at 4.14p with a full year payout to be 8.25p so if it is based on one or both of those that would be around 2.5% or 4.8%, To get to 3.18% they would have to base on prices ages ago for example at 4.14p to get 3.18% yield is price of 130p not been there since Nov 20. Or to factor in 8.25p at 3.18% yield would be about 260p but not been that high since 2007…
Or if as you say its trailing yield that would be 0%.
If based on 2019 payout of 3.84p then to get 3.18% yield is 120p but again not been there since Nov 20…

So can anyone shed some light? Right now I have to assume ALL T212 info is incorrect as yields are simple so cant rust profits/margins etc.

yield shown on T212 is div payout over last 12 months / share price, so a trailing yield. What you would be looking for is a forward yield which includes the 4.14

See the part I mention it doesnt add up even if trailing unless I am misunderstanding, just no way to reach that 3.18%