Dividends - August 2020

August dividend pay data for all those emailing me asking.

It’s searchable too… so type “ETF” or “iShares” into the top right etc…

Hope it helps


(probable errors as I threw it together this morning in 10 minutes)

Any brokers wanting this data in query-able, fast, JSON outputting API form - just email me !!! It’ll integrate nicely in to your app or website to show dividend data to your clients !!!


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you might want to add a “demo key” there, so people can see for at least one stock what those api’s provide without emailing getting a key etc.

I did… and then the clever few you can code just run it through a proxy rotating IP and steal all my data using the “&key=demo” extenstion

I also now almost have to impose throttling and rate limits… as there are about 20 heavy users who generally overwhelm my low grade servers and make the system slow or crash some times… fun days!


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Why not charge for the service? Rate limit the free usage and change a small fee for higher usage.

Its rather industry standard, and you can make your demo key valid for “one data point” like I said in my post, so no one can crawl your api.


Rate limiting is a must in any case, public private free fun premium does not really matter. good luck.