Dividend Queries

Getting a lot of emails asking when dividends pay …

Rather than answer all your emails (sorry)… just check FinKi Dividend Page specifically made for Trading212 stocks. ie. Only stocks on the T212 platform show up in this tool (rather than ALL worldwide dividends)

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Hope it helps!!!

(and, yes, I KNOW HSBC has declared dividends again… it takes announement date+1 for the data to be verified and injected into the FinKi Dividend API … finki.io/finkiAPI.html)



The “Ex-dividend tomorrow” page would be useful, but it’s disabled.

Yeah…my fault…I fully intended to put it there… then I had an issue with exposing all of my data…I’ve tried to resolve it and haven’t as yet…But I will…“some time”…

But yeah, sorry.

You can fudge it if you manipulate the “date” “&d=” field… eg…


I’ve limited it to -/+ 10 days of today…



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Ooh that’s lovely. Very useful indeed. Thanks!