Finki API - For getting dividend payout dates and ex-dates

Hi all,

I made a blog post on how I’m using Finki API to pull the dividend payout date and ex-dividend date into my Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Also how I’m using Finviz to pull the dividend payout amount and forward P/E.

Youtube video shows a spreadsheet and portfolio.

It’s really nice being able to pull the data automatically now.



Glad you’re enjoying it :grinning:

You know you can get PE and prices via my API too? You could ditch finvis and google finance from your spreadsheet entirely! :upside_down_face:

Loads more API functions than I actually list on the site! Must update that site at some point!

Havn’t checked Finki out yet, but what language have you done all this in? Curious :slight_smile:

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Backend is mostly powered by VB.NET sprinkled with a little Javascript. runs on PHP… but really I’m just cURL’ing the VB.NET pages

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Hi Mr Finki,

Yes its really good so far, no issues have cropped up yet.

I was not sure if there was a limit to how many API calls can be done so thought I would spread the load across Google Finance/Finviz/Finki .

How come your system uses the ISIN rather than the ticker? It’s not an issue as the URL you gave to convert works perfectly. I just wondered that’s all.

Also when pulling the US dividend pay date - I left the function at ukDividendPayDate and it still returns the correct date - as checked against seeking alpha. This is the case for companies that only trade on the NYSE.

Is this just a sort of bug? I left it as it was because it worked flawlessly. I randomly picked 5 US and 5 UK stocks to double checked all is well against seeking alpha and it was all good.


None - but I’ve instigated the “key” so I can monitor usage. “Someone” remaining unnamed hits me up for about 100k calls a day … and it’s slowing certain other services down! I don’t plan on limiting use right now but never say never. No user (other than the one mentioned) is hitting me with too many calls per day.

Ticker is not unique across exchanges. You can have IHP on London and IHP on NYSE. Therefore you’d still need a prefix/suffix to identify. ISIN is 99% unique except in the annoying instances of multi currency ETFs. In those instances SEDOL is the best identifier but that’s got restricted publishication rules due to the LSEs “ownership” of this identifier.

Yep. Everyone is annoyed with the “us” or “uk” prefix and I’m gradually moving away from it. There is a generic “dividendLast” , “dividendNext”, “bid” and “ask” functions that do not require this prefix. The ukDividend function looks for UK and when it doesn’t find it it defaults to US… so you can call ukDividend and get a US result - I put that in place last week as it annoyed a few users who didn’t want to “uk” “us” prefix… I know it’s weird…but it kinda works for now until I kill the prefix off entirely.

Currently overhauling the entire dividend process behind the scenes as some “heavy” users require the API to query multiple ISINs and Exchanges at once. ie. Give me all dividends going Ex today on the LSE. Give me all dividends paying next week. Give me the entire history of dividend payments for Vodafone etc… This is a bit of a beast but it’s looking and working well. Hopefully I’ll bang it out for demo soon. Those with “keys” get notified for testing first.

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Thank you very much for your informative response. I only have around 30 positions so I may just switch over to your API completely then.

Yeah that makes sense with regards to the tickers.

Thanks for the extra info!

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