Dividends - receive email record for each one?

Another question, this time about email notifications on dividends.

From my old provider I used to get an email for each dividend that came through, I’ve added a screen print of what it looks like. It would be great if something similar could be done with T212 as it’s good for keeping a record.

Alternatively, if it’s not possible to do that, could something like a monthly email be sent listing all the dividends you’ve received for that month?



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We have the option to receive emails about any corporate events that took place (such as dividend payments). You can adjust your preferences from your Settings tab in the app, as shown here.

Furthermore, at the beginning of each month, a Monthly Statement will be sent to your email, where the dividends for that month are listed.


Thank you Michael, I have all those options selected but still didn’t receive the email for Jupiter which was paid on Friday, I checked my spam folder as well.

However, the statement at the end of the month will suffice, so I’m not too worried about individual emails for each one. Thanks very much.

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I have all Notification for Corporate events enabled but never received emails about dividends, it’s only in App/web.

Monthly Statements are not very useful as they show only a total amount of dividends received, not individual ones.

It would be very useful to receive individual emails about dividends similar to the one provided by OP.

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Indeed, dividend announcements are sent only via in-app notifications.

On a side note, I will forward the OP’s suggestion for an individual monthly dividend listing and will update the thread if there is any news :pray: