Dividend question

Does T212 give you a notification when you’re on a ex dividend date for a specific company you own? Or does it just gives you a notification whenever that payout is be rolled out to shareholders and credited to our accounts?

At present it is the latter.

Would be nice to have a notification when we got just into a ex dividend date of a company we own so we get to know we’re now eligible for the next dividend payout. This might help those who don’t keep track of every stock we own or we just own way too many :smiley:

Make a portfolio on wallmine.com

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I also like digrin.com
Simple and intuitive!

Was trying both of these out, wallmine seems good. It allows your portfolio to automatically sinc from many brokerages, it would be nice if trading212 was on there. Is there any way to download the protfolio on this so we can upload it?


Seem to be US only. Very worthless for a european.

@cavanhagan No there currently no way to automate this. Trading212 will not let you download a list of your transactions or anything. You will have to go through your history and input it manually.

Honestly, I’m kinda dreading tracking my portfolio when the pie update comes as I’ll probably be inputting loads of small transactions every week.


Is it completely free to use?

I’m currently using an app called DivTracker
It only really works in dollars but there is a decent calendar which shows upcoming dividends.

I’m using it now, it is really good, thanks for the tip.

And as @cavanhagan mentioned, it would be great some automation with Trading 212. They can link to our broker account, but unfortunately T212 is not among the options. The process has to be manual, so far… that’s not so time-wise. Any possibility of adding this on the roadmap? @David


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