Do dividends of stocks and etf combine?

Hello! If for example: I own 1 ETF with 7% dividend and another one with 4% dividend and then another growth stock with 5%, do I get combined dividend? Do i get 16% of my investments quarterly?

You’ll get paid the dividend from each on their respective pay date. You can find the pay date information online.
And you can’t just add up percentages. You have to find an average. So if they are 33% each, then your yield overall would be 5.3% for the total amount invested

Oh ok thank you! because it would be pretty easy to get a good dividend if i just add % and get a high return:)

I like the way you think. Rather than your three holdings that return 7%, 5%, and 4%, if you can find another say 15 with similar rates, and you’ll get paid out 100% in dividends each year!

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That’s kinda my strategy, to get stocks with dividends and ETFs with dividends so I can combine growth with monthly payments that I can reinvest for a higher return in the future.

BTW is there any site that i can go on and find out for how many years a company has consecutively paid dividends?

This is not how math works on planet Earth.
You need to use the arithmetic average.