Double ETFS? Basic question

Hi, quick question. Let’s say you want to include a couple of ETFS in your portfolio. these ETFS hold companies A,B,C,D and X,Y,Z.

Would you also buy and add shares of companies B and Y to include these stocks individually in your portfolio? Or it won’t make any sense?

No problem. Everyone will at some time want to own a S&P 500 tracker ETF, but also own some specific US companies.

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Makes sense to me.

For example, you buy an S&P 500 ETF but want a higher exposure to Tesla for potential growth (from end of Dec), and higher exposure to AT&T for dividends.


Thanks guys for your answer. I thought the same but as I am new to invest (although I have spent since I started 1 month ago learning and researching info) I feel like still having some basic question.