Do I need to do w8-ben for these ETFs?

I am pretty new to ETF investing. I am a resident in UK and currently invested in 4 dividend ETFs.

  • UKDV
  • IUKD
  • VHYL
  • GBDV

The first 2 seem to have only UK stocks so I don’t think w8-ben is needed. However how do I find out if I need to do it for the last 2? Don’t the ETFs swap in and out new stocks time to time?

you are purchasing shares of the ETFs, not the stocks held in the ETF so you don’t need to fill out a form for them and ETFs handle the taxes internally, so you cannot reduce the rate anyways.

Also a W8-BEN form will be sorted out for you the first time you purchase a US listed stock (if not automatically when newer accounts were made) by T212 on your behalf, though you may need to file your own with other brokers. so feel free to acquire US stocks if they meet your criteria.


Thank you. What happens to the dividend pay outs by the dividend stocks in the ETFs? Do the ETFs consolidate them and relay the dividends to you? If I want DRIP compound effect, I simply let Trading212 purchase more of the same ETFs automatically?

Hey there :wave:,

If the ETFs are within a Pie and the DRIP option enabled, automatic reinvestment will occur in one of the scenarios described here. Otherwise, eligible shareholders will receive dividend payment as cash since automatic reinvestment is not yet available for shares outside of a Pie.

On a side note, when talking about ETFs, it’s important to mention that there are two different types - Distributing ETFs & Accumulating ETFs. The Distributing ETFs are the one that pays out dividends to eligible shareholders.