Automatic W-8BEN completion on ISA sign up? (even if you're already an Invest T212 customer)

I’ve had an active Invest A/C for nearly a year now and would like to open an ISA. I’ve read that when new customers do so now, a W-8BEN is automatically filled out as part of the signing-up process, but wondered if that’s still the case if you’re not a new customer (as I signed up to Invest before the W-8BEN was part of the automated process)?

Its important to me as I intend to build up a fair few dividend stocks within the ISA p/f.

Many thanks in advance.

You can’t skip the W-8BEN. There’s even an additional check after your make your first US stock buy. So even if it’s somehow missing it’ll get generated at that point.


That’s great, thanks for the confirmation.

Reason I wondered is I’ve bought US stocks in my Invest A/C but never once been asked (but until recently they’ve been no been divvy payers). I emailed a manually completed W-8BEN across about a month ago for my Invest A/C after I did finally purchase a dividend payer, but not had any confirmation its been processed.

Hi again George, I’ve signed up to an ISA, funded and bought my first US shares, but at no time was the W-8BEN referred to?

Please can you advise what I do next?

Could you or someone look into this please and see why the process seems to be skipping me. Thanks.

Your W-8BEN is already filled out :slight_smile:

Oh right, thanks George. Presumably that’s the one I filled out for the Invest A/C, but will it also cover my new ISA acount too?

Yes, but @Tony.V will confirm with absolute certainty.

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Great. Thanks for your time and help, George, appreciate it. :+1:

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Correct - the W-8BEN will be applied on your Invest & ISA. :heavy_check_mark:


Brilliant, thanks very much for the quick confirmation @Tony.V . :+1:

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Is there a way of checking that our W-8BEN form had been filled?


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Can we assume it’s been filled if we provide NI number? I don’t recall filling one in. HL explicitly asks you to and won’t allow you to trade US stocks unless done. I filled one out on there. Will that count for any platform as it’s NI linked?