W8-ben form required via trading212

I’ve just opened up an ISA account with Trading212 and currently own US shares.
I’ve read threads on signing a W8- BEN form to allow current US tax % to decrease for the capital gains I may receive in the future. (Or does it exempt me from tax - I’m in the UK).

Does Trading212 automatically set this up when you open ur account?
Or do I need to request this form?
Or is there a setting I need to go to within the account?

Thanks in advance for any information anyone may shed on this



So T212 do it on your behalf for your first initial buy then it’s your responsibility every 3 years?

@Gfclappah The whole renewal process is automated too: upon expiration, a pop-up will appear in your account, and you’ll be able to renew it with a single click. We’ll take care of the rest. :wink:


Good to know, thanks Tony