Do we need more penny stocks?

Every day, there are many requests for penny stocks to be added to the platform.

Penny stocks come with their own problems; low market liquidity, delayed execution, restrictions on numbers or trades, etc. That leads in turn to a lot of frustration and sometimes anger and complaining.

The question, as the title: do we really need more penny stocks on the platform, just because they are cheap?

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In an open free-market environment we should have access to the entire market, whatever that might be.
So yes…

Nonetheless, this should not be facilitated if the broker cannot provide a stable service and it becomes a problem for the entire underlying market access.
So no…

But I believe this will sort itself out. Just like everything that has been digitised in the past 10 years there is a point when too many users join and start accessing a particular industry/service and create a bottleneck.

This is is nothing special. This is just a black swan :swan: event (too many people are day trading) on top of another black swan event (COVID).

The market just needs to correct itself and also brokers and market makers need to scale up their platforms. Why they haven’t done it already after a year of this high levels of trading I have no idea? :man_shrugging:

If the burden outweighs the benefit then I would say we don’t need more. For me that balance has long gone towards the penny stocks being a negative.

Of course people should be free to invest but they also have to take a degree of responsibility that some seem unwilling or unable to take in terms of even basic understanding of the trading systems.

That then impacts on every facet of t212’s operations to the cost of us all ie whether it is problems with IBKR, increased demands on customer service, or outlandish claims on here - they all have a negative impact.