PLEASE ADD $MARA before it's too late

Please, we need this one.

Thanks in advance


To late like always , asked for so many stocks that ran up 100%. They added maybe 2 out of 20

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Yes I know, already missed a few 100% runners because of not having the stock to trade.
They have to improve their penny stock game

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Pardon me but are you doing your DD and calling these rockets out far in advance of them ‘hitting the moon’ or are you trawling Twitter, finding out what the trending tickers are, and coming in the day before PR is due to drop?

All you seem to do is moan about the stocks you gave them five minutes to add not being added. Go find a broker that, has them if you’re so disappointed.

I don’t see you posting when IDEX or NAK fails to take off. But you bet they bloody well added it for you.


Sorry if i’m trying to make Trading 212 a better place to all of us by asking to add good quality tickers (some more than others). Don’t get me wrong I love the platform.
I am doing dd on my self on some of them and have a group finding good value stocks to invest, and to be honest also look for reputable people talking about a stock because usually they run, I consider it as having more than 2 eyes to check good stocks and try not to miss them.
by the way I’m on IDEX , to late for NAK, took off before I could trade it but i will find a way in when I find suitable. And they added to all of us, I just asked. and I love when people ask for tickers, means that they want the same as me, make money.

And also why should I listen to you? why you are being such a d, about what I do or don’t?

Wasn’t directed at you, friend. Predy only pops up to complain as they have done above. It’s all a bit tiresome.

But in response to your comment, these aren’t ‘quality tickers’. These are junk stocks that the Twitter brigade will pump and dump over the course of a couple of weeks. MARA is the flavour of the week.

And the reason why they haven’t upped their penny stock game is well documented on this forum.

Well we all trade diferently, i like to swing and day trade i usualy trade with good news and volume. That’s a reason way i ask tickers like boxl, had amazing news and in time will stop being a penny stock i belive, mara is another one with btc going wild following the news that came out, mara mines them so it’s only logical that it will grow in time also they are improving a lot so good things in future. I prefer to try and find this hidden pearls and grow with them. Others prefer the safety of large cap. No arm done don’t worry we still friends :wink:

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Again I’d just advise you exercise caution knowing that the volume you note is also a symptom of the Twitter pumpers. Some of these guys have 10s of thousands of followers a piece, so that’s going to generate a lot of volume.

I’m sure a fair number of long hold investors here also indulge in the odd swing trade now and again, myself included. But I’m not going to get too bummed out if I miss the next pump.

I think you’re probably right about BOXL. If the social pumpers weren’t manipulating the shit out of it, it might be a decent future bet. UAVS is another, but they’re just targets at the minute. It’s a shame. I hope they can break out.

And if you’re looking for BTC-centric stocks, did you know that, while everyone has been promoting MARA all week, Argo Blockchain (LSE:ARB), already on 212, meanwhile has already gained 30%? Riot Blockchain is another on 212 already, rose 20% last week with some ridiculous highs at points. You also have Canaan and Ebang on 212, that are BTC mining hardware firms. Canaan rose 6% and Ebang rose 10% last week.

All of the above would be considered penny stocks. None above $6.

While everyone’s pumping and dumping MARA this week, one or two of these might get a smoother ride to gains as they fly under the radar.

There are probably loads of others I don’t know about too but I hope I’ve given you some food for thought.

Typical of these peeps, request 7 penny stocks. 6 bomb and 1 goes up 20%

“T212 sucks because I missed out on this 20% gain.”


Donald please just get a life and mind your business. It’s not worth getting upset or even comment stuff that you don’t care or despise. What is the point?
Trade your way i will trade mine, i don’t care about what you do and you shoud do the same.
No heart fellings

I was generalising, if you took offence it’s because you recognise yourself in the picture I painted.

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I thank you for the advise, yes i know i’ve already been there and it’s not nice buying a stock that is being pumped and dumped. Took my losses and moved on. So yes i alaays use stop loss and keep moving it up following the price if it goes up, learned the hard way.
Also thanks about the alternatives on MARA haven’t done a dd on them but it’s list already.

Hard not to when your hate comment is in this thread don’t you think

No hate here. Just an obvious eye roll and a heavy dose of sarcasm.

I actually wish everyone all the best that gets into this sort of thing. It’s a tough road back when you get on a losing streak, a bit like being hooked on gambling at the bookies.


Sorry then, didn’t got your sarcasm.
To be fair it’s hard indeed but i’ve been able to make more money like this than when i was just investing long term. So far i’m not uptset if i take a few 5% losses and then get one that makes me 15% or more on a swing or day trade. It’s not gambling if you know how to read charts and use them togetter with good news and sec fillings.

At the risk of further upsetting you, I don’t believe in technicals or chart readings, I think that’s akin to fortune telling in my book I’m afraid.

Still, hope this stock gets added for you and becomes a winner.

Not at all, everyone does it diferent and it’s perfectly fine. I also like to do it long tern i have a few that i’m not selling anytime soon.
I just want that everyone gets what they want.
Thanks and good luck

They are too slow or understaffed? I have been emailing them on remote Learning and crypto plays way before you — nada! lol… Patiently waiting on my docs and Im out. Too many missed opportunities. And if these stocks are added, probably TOO LATE putting us at risk FOMO’ing.

I don’t know to be fair what i know now is that MARA is taking off PM, the only thing we can do now is watch it go and by the time it gets added not fomo’ing in risking.

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To late like usuall!!

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