Please add these penny stocks

Please could the followinpenny stocks be added to the platform?



Can we have 88E on LSE as well please :grinning:

Penny stocks are scams and money traps so they are pointless you will 100% lose some money just buy blue chip

@sean17436 I can understand if you make suggestions, but keep them serious. Some people make money with them, so it is obviously NOT “100% lose money”.

For example, anyone who invested in GGP (AIM-LSE stock) 6 months ago is on around a x8 return if they sell at the current price.

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@EquityInvestor He said “You will 100% lose some money” so he’s technically correct :grinning:

I’ve also made gains on crappy penny stocks before.

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@pipo I guess losing some money means reducing your available portfolio though, so overall losing money. Obviously not everyone loses money overall on penny stocks, but I do get your point :smiley:. Just slightly annoyed at how it was phrased, as if blue chips were the only profitable option.
To be fair I do invest most of my portfolio in blue chips, but that is a different matter, it’s good to diversify and investo in several sectors/caps/stock exchanges.

well its your fault you are buying pennies on high. You need to catch the train before the dump.

You don’t understand over 95% people do and penny stocks aren’t for holding they are for day trading

Why are you feeling the need to go into every thread that has penny stocks to call them all scams. :man_facepalming:

Sure you can more easily fall for pump and dumps if you aren’t doing any research and jumping on due to FOMO.

If you know how to swing/day trade they are excellent.

Not all penny stocks are just for quick dip in and out either, happy to hold after doing research if I feel it has a decent return.


Ohh my days do you troll every penny stock request Sean17436 :roll_eyes:

Penny Stocks:

NIO - I’ve profited
Luckin Coffee - I’ve profited
Aston Martin - I’ve profited
Marston’s - I’ve profited
Coty - I’ve profited.

This is a message to those interested not those who troll topics and solely believe in blue chips… If they move then it’s a smaller move than penny stocks. Its about skill, timing and research. Not listening to trolls.

The facts speak ! Over 95% lose !

Were you hurt that badly with penny stocks that you’re discouraging others when it comes to invest in those?

Yes for Dolphin, big jump coming… :+1:

Send me those stats please?

No I just trying to help others not lose their money :+1: Remember facts speak !

Can you send the facts please?


Over 84.3% of stats are made up. :joy:

We really don’t need people saying penny stocks are scams and you’ll lose 100% of your money. Please stop this, you aren’t being helpful.


Research them! You can tell your not very experienced as all experienced traders know penny stocks are traps they haven’t added them as no one cares about them if you want penny stocks go to a penny stock specialist platform!

What on earth are you talking about :hear_no_evil:

You have just called yourself out as being inexperienced by saying that statement.

It just sounds like you tried it once and got burned, so now tell everyone it must be bad.

Honestly please stop. You are talking to some people with decades of trading experience.

This platform should definitely have penny stocks, just leave them be if you don’t want to play with them. Telling people they are all scams and that they’ll lose 100% of their money just isn’t true. Telling new traders to be careful and not jump on stocks out of fear of missing out is useful, but we really don’t need that on every single stock request. Make a dedicated thread if you want to give out your wisdom to new traders.