Does anyone use a stock advisor

Just looking to find out what the general though of this is. I’m thinking of signing up to the Motley Fool share advisor, and sticking £100 into both of their monthly stock recommendations in my own MFSA Pie. Their past performance looks pretty decent, however the part I cant tell, is if it also recommends when to sell said stocks as well.

In the first year, their effective advisor fee would be 3%, then 1.5%, 1% and so on.

This might seem high, but I’m thinking of splitting with someone so effectively halving that number.

I think no advice is better than looking at an active fund’s specific holdings? There will be a time lag by a few months but I don’t really buy into any wealth adviser because they don’t really got the time to properly look into individual stocks.

See that’s where I’m a little in the fence.

Are stock advisors not recommending you the stocks that represent the best potential long term value, at a given point of time?

ETF’s give you an average return in general of a particular sector.

Actively managed funds - unless you buy in near the launch, then you are effectively buying stocks part way through their journey of being part of the portfolio, not at the point of time they were purchased and represented value as a buy, rather than maintaining a position for something you currently hold. It’s a slightly different thing.

If your stock advisor is not millionaire, with average annual return around 30%, forget about them.

I have to think, will you pay a lottery advisor that never won the lottery?


Yeah I get that. If they are good at stock picks, then they should just run a fund(which they do).

Motley Fool sucks as a website, im sure the advisors suck too


Go for it mate - I’m with Motley Fools stock advisor and it’s definitely worth it. I started trading beginning of August 2020 and that’s the first place I went.

In terms of when to sell, Motley Fool advises to hold your stock for 3-5 years (they hold all of their stocks and don’t really sell. They bought Tesla in 2012 for $12. Imagine if they’d sold it? That’s why they hold their investments). If you decide to sell, that would be your call but if a company has been held for 3-5 years and the company’s results/performance isn’t looking good, yes they’ll tell you sell

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Some interesting views sofar, and I must say I’m a little in the shelf.

The way I see it:

1). I’ve had 5 free shares through212 referrals, so my first 6 months subscription could be covered by that.

2). Their recommendation buy & hold system is different to investing into a fund. I would 100% be holding each stock from the go, rather than buying into a fund part way through its lifecycle of being part of a portfolio.

3). I see it as part of an experiment that is more mechanical - I am not making the decisions here.

  1. it would only be to the tune of no more than 20% of my monthly saving portfolio.

5). If you take the subscription as a replacement for an advisor/amc fee, then if I put £100 into each stock recommendation, so £200 a month, then in the first year I have saved £2400. The £80ish fee is equivalent to 3.3% year 1, 1.65% year 2, 1.11% year 3, 0.83% year 4, 0.66% year 5 and so on. If I could split the plan with another, these numbers halve.

6). This could make an interesting expirement.

I also have a subscription to motley fool US stock advisor service and I use it as a guide instead of blindly investing in all their recommendations. With your plan it may just be easier for you to invest in ETFs as buying their recommendation each month would lead you to amassing a large number of different stocks after a couple of years. Personally, I love their recommendations as majority of them are in companies I already had an eye on so all it did was increase my conviction in them and give me a reason to pull the trigger.

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I’ve been using the Motley Fool for over 10 years and made quite a bit of money with them. I used both their UK and US services (using Rule Breakers at the moment). The US services are way more profitable IMO. I couldn’t recommend them enough.


I also have the stock advisor, and while i think the service is good, at the end of the day their advice to hold for 3-5 years, in reality my feeling is that if you were to buy any stock and hold for that length of time the chances are it would go up, thats just the stock market.!

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Thanks Robin,

I guess the benchmark would be - is it performing on par or better than the market - say pick a popular global equity fund such as VWRL ETF for example.

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I’m thinking on subsrcibing to Motley Fool Stock Advisor and I can’t distinguish if the review below is paid or genuine. It sounds too good! :slight_smile:

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If it helps I signed up but cancelled.

I’m not a fan of a service that once you sign up, can constantly bombard you with adverts to sign up to more stuff, but that is very American.

You could set a calendar reminder to log in to check their stock recommendations, and auto archive their emails to junk I guess.

++ US stock advisor is cheaper than the UK entry.

I tend to use online reports

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Stunningly intelligent comment.

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I cant recommend the US services highly enough. Some of the marketing is a little annoying but the the stock advice is great. I have not paid for any of the UK stuff bit don’t believe them to be anyway near as good.

In addition to the stock picks (I am subscribed to Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers) you get a lot more for you money including their live broadcasts and forums.

They have a very refreshing approach compared to other sources and are a mission driven company, out to not only make you more wealthy but also spread investing knowledge as widely as possible.

They are completely transparent about every single pick, both good and bad, that they’ve made for the entire history of the services they run.

If you’re still hesitant I would advise you to listen to some of their free podcasts for a taste of what they are about, as well as get some great stock picks for free!

The one thing to remember is that their approach is all about the long haul. Follow their advice, commit to holding for any picks you buy for a minimum of three years and you should be very pleased.

As somone who was relatively new to the investing game I can say hand on heart that joining their services has been the best financial decision I have ever made.


Hahaha great bit of marketing by Motley Fool.

Personally I think Motley Fool is trash. For years i was reading their article they always say same stock is great untill they actually hit one and then say we make 1000% on x stock.

Telling you this thread has been started by Motley Fool.

Don’t be fooled by them.

I’m afraid to say your spider sense is wrong this time. I only hope your own personal stock picks are better :rofl:

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Another option… ‘another’ player in the free trading , portfolio management, robo advisor type space… :thinking::flushed: