New to T212 and the pie functionality.
Might be a silly question but if I import shares into the pie which will then unbalance it will there at some point be an autorebalancing selling my holding I’ve imported to balance OR will each regular payment still be split by % setout at the beginning and the pie just accept it will never be balanced?

I’d want the latter…

I did have a search on the forum but couldn’t find anything…


It is the latter. There is a manual ‘Rebalance’ button to do it if you wish.

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I have had this too. Unfortunately you can’t use rebalancing with dividends reinvestment on. What I am doing now is manually fund the pie and choose to execute orders with self-balancing option. This will buy the stocks in the pie which are heavily underweighted first. When everything is almost the target weight, I will start fund the pie by targets again. This is the only option right now. Or manually rebalance.