Draftkings - Placed trade on incorrect side of the market

Hi. I accidently clicked on Sell DraftKings for 1600 Shares last night at 19:00. Which I only realised a couple of hours back. I’ve never clicked on Sell for DraftKings despite numerous trades of this stock. Always Buys! The Trade also dosen’t make sense given the way the stock was trading at the time as well. Would it be possible to do something here as a GWG given all the business I am putting through the account & the bad luck discussed in my last query? Thanks.

That’s a nice try! Hopefully not too much of a costly mistake for you but take it as a valuable lesson that trading isn’t a game and to make sure you know what you are doing before you hit that button.

We have all done a “fat finger” at some point.

I first thought of reasoning, then I gave up and laught. Brilliant try, one moght even fall for it. :beer:

Let’s hope that DraftKings falls by 10% at market open today. That will save you the grief, you can buy back in at a profit and delete your request.