Accidental trades

Hi, everyone!
I have started trading on this platform 10 days for a very first time. I have been doing quite good, but I need to share my experience about accidentally triggering trade positions. It happened to me 4 times already in the past 10 days which causes a total loss of around 400€.

  • two times I accidentally triggered huge trade positions, while organizing and moving stock cards in the left manu lists by holding and moving the stock cards
  • once I was editing Take Profit on the existing long position in the bottom menu and suddenly a new short position appeared for the same stock (I really don’t know how did I make it
  • once I opened a long position, but accuracy wanted a short one

I must say that I am not a software beginner, I have been using a computer and quite demanding Softwares for the past 20 years.

Is there any way to prevent this kind of accidents, since they eat not a small part of my profits.

That’s a bummer. I did the same, but in practice mode. Then I discovered that there is a setting in Trading Preferences. You should switch off quick trading and one-click trading.



@Richard.W Cheers, mate! That’s really helpful, I appreciate it.
now I see why I shouldn’t have skipped the practice mode. :wink: