Sell positions not triggering


I have a sell order I placed yesterday for GME at 340 which didn’t trigger at the time, and I’ve been unable to cancel it. GME has since burned past that mark and the order still hasn’t triggered! Seems like my position is in limbo, any ideas how to cancel the order?

Thank you

EDIT: Thanks for pointing out that it is higher than that right now guys, the problem is that the order is stuck and I can’t cancel it!

Cancel it as it’s gonna pop back up

Don’t think you read the post correctly, I can’t cancel! Just says unable to, so no idea what to do.

Seems like the platform is experiencing downtime issues again. Many people can’t even log in at the moment.

Yeah definetly, just a bit worried since this has been happening since about 18:00 last night! Yesterday I couldn’t get in until about an hour and a half after US trading opened, seems a bit better this morning

GME now at 375 currently