DRIP functionality not working

Hi - I have created individual pies with 1 dividend stock in each so I can continue to do dividend reinvestments.

Got paid 4 different dividends across each stock - but not a single one was invested. And my dividends were not small amounts… 3 digit dividends being paid for some.

Can someone explain why this is happening? I’ve checked the link on DRIP, but I met the criteria for this

As a matter of fact the cash once paid was not even inside the pie. I had to manually add it to get it invested

That sounds odd :thinking: Let me DM you so I can check those Pies.

I’ve had the same issue with my pie that only contains VEVE.

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Sorry to hear about that, I’ll have a look :face_with_monocle: I’ve just sent you a DM.

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@Bogi.H maybe related: what I see is dividends from a pie are first added to free funds and then one or two minutes later moved into the pie. There seems to be a slight delay. For me this is only visible if I get a notification while I am at my screen. If you would be 5 minutes later, you will not spot it.

Happened again today with SCHW… small dividend but exceeded the thresholds

Yes, indeed, that’s how the function works. Dividends are initially received in the account’s free funds, and then the DRIP functionality moves those funds from the account cash to the respective Pie. Some technical time is required for that to happen, though.

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Quick update - one of the auto invests worked this morning as my GLEN dividend came through. Have you guys been investigating and made changes now?

Hi - see attached… looks like it’s only working partially… see attached.

It buys only limited number of shares.