DRIP - Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Hi traders!
I know this is a common topic in the community, but I feel we haven’t really got deep into it.
We talked about getting this feature within a release a few months ago. This was probably Pies what was referred to.
Although Pies are amazing, I truly love them, I can’t really think of DRIP when talking about pies. It’s half DRIP let’s say imo…
I’d love to see a DRIP option in individual stocks as like Robinhood does. This would help us so much as dividend investors as I have to manually be adding those earning each time I get paid which is so annoying…

Anyone else feeling my pain here?


Yes as someone who doesn’t invest automatically using pies (I use them to group only) I would love this. As I want to DRIP all dividends.

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Afaik in terms of use there is the feature mentioned.

21. Dividend Reinvestment

21.1. We allow for dividends on stocks in your account to be reinvested and it can be done automatically if you instruct us to do so. Dividends on stocks will only be reinvested in the same stock where the dividend originated from. Instructions to reinvest dividends will not be carried out if your account has been suspended or restricted by us in accordance with this agreement.



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Do you know how to activate it?

Well my guess, reach either info@trading212 or support and “instruct” them to do so.

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This is amazing, didn’t know about it.
I’ll send them a message and will update this thread once I know more.

Thanks for the info mate.