Drone delivery Canada stocks

FTL.V and TAKOF , please.

Thank you !

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Hi @Wicked,

Welcome to the T212 community forum :smiley:.
I don’t actually know the stock, but I have done a quick search and it seems like you have suggested two listings of the same stock, one on the Toronto Exchange and another one on the OTC.

I don’t know if they are also listed elsewhere. but two things to bear in mind:
-T212 does not currently have access to the Toronto Stock Exchange, so FTLV cannot be added. It does have access to OTC markets so TAKOF might be possible to be added :slight_smile:.
-Lately stocks added have either been IPO stocks or added in large batches. So you will probably have to wait for subsequent batches to see if the OTC version of the stock gets added. They added over 2000 a few weeks ago, but TAKOF does not seem to have been included, that might mean that they don’t have access to it.

Either way, I recommend having some patience. It might take quite a long time to get access to it.

Also, please note that I am just another community member, not part of the T212 team.

Thank you for the insight !
Yes, they’re the same stock, but different listing. I realized after I posted
Hopefully TAKOF will be added soon, as I see potential in it.

Thank you again !

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