Earning Season Jan - Feb 2022

SNAP (Snapchat) stock dropped about 25% following FB (Metaverse/facebook) weak outlook after reporting earning. But then proceed to rally nearly 60% in a DAY when they reported their 4Q’21 results.
IMO, earning season is one of particular things to watch if you are spearheading a particular stock and want to get it at a bargain price.

Its crazy they dont list Unilever on the Thursday, its bigger than most of those listed. Guess that website sees it as not important. Big week for my portfolio with BP and Unilever.

Indeed, the Earning date for ULVR.L is 10 Feb 2022. Watch out. If the share price drops siginificantly, I will top up my position. I like ULVR>L for longterm holding.
AFAIK Earning whisper only shows the stocks traded on the US stock exchange e.g. NYSE and NASDAQ. ULVR.L is traded on LSE so not shown. Also, the above list is only for the most anticipated earning.
The full list is available from earningwhispers website

The ADR trades on the NYSE. Surprised that isn’t enough to make it on.

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Yeah its same as BP is listed as ADR thats why I was curious as Unilever is about 25% larger mkt cap. Anyway happy for people to sleep on it as I am a happy holder think it will get back to winning ways after recent turbulence.

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ADYEN also missing from the list. Earnings this morning.

Smashed it out the park!

Hopefully see some revised forecasts and an end to the share price slide

They say they’re not revising the guidance in the letter.

Sorry, wasn’t very clear in that comment (very vague in fact)

I meant analyst forecasts for share price, taking into account another great set of results, to boost confidence again. Not that it matters mind you, I’m in this for the long haul.

Ah I see. I don’t really look at analysts forecasts as I find they’re a bit wind chase-ery!

But they do stop price slides.

Disneyland (DIS) reported earning yesterday after the market close. The stock rise 3.33% and another 7.59% premarket today.

I was expecting DIS to miss their earning, so I could top up my postion. Unfortunately not the case.

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Unilever’s a strange one. I’ve not held it for a good few years and part of me wants to get back in. However, something’s not right when you’ve got the Campaign for Common Sense protesting outside your office. As Terry Smith put it recently: “A company which feels it has to define the purpose of Hellmann’s mayonnaise has in our view clearly lost the plot." :laughing:


The week Starting February 14, 2022

, 2022

Airbnb, Matterport, Fastly, the Trade Desk, Wix, Fiverr, Roku and Shake Shack jumping out at me.

I have Roku, Nvidia, Zoetis and Applied Materials.

Trade Desk and John Deere are on my watchlist.

The Impact of earning season of Roblox and Shopify

UPST (Upstart) beating revenue and good revenue forward guidance. Up 35.65% in a day and another 2.29% pre market. This company is a high growth company with a P/E ratio of 103.5 and P/S ratio 51.97, so P/E ratio not the only thing to watch for high growth stock.

The week Starting February 21
, 2022

The week Starting February 28, 2022


Not listed but Nelnet earnings tomorrow (Monday) after close of US markets. Interested to see where book value is, hopefully pushing $80.

The week Starting March 07, 2022