Major earning releases in July

Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook all will release their earning report within the coming 2 weeks.
What is you sentiment about each of them, buy, sell or hold?

These are long term companies… you should not look to an single quarter earnings result to decide anything on them :wink:

That being said… they all will probably report gains, besides Facebook maybe (won’t never buy this :poop:)

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Great news = stocks go up
Ok news = stocks go up
Bad news = stocks go up
Terrible news = Fed Pumps, stock go up

2x leveraged stocks - here we come :rofl:


Thank you.
I am not into long term investments, just trying to ride the trend for a while.

The best place to get useful information is on Tradingview. Just look up the analyst’s ratings for each stock and you will get an idea of how each company is expected to perform each quarter