Earning Season Jan - Feb 2022

The week Starting January 17, 2022


The week Starting January 24, 2022

Yeah it’s a big week. I think. Lots to worry about. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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The week Starting January 31, 2022

, 2022

Amazon will publish its earning on February Thursday 3rd “after the Market close”. Like Mega caps stocks such as Apple did last week. It will dictate the direction of the high-tech stock and indexes and stock market in general markets.
Amazon crash the earning given that there is no bad news to supress it, there is high probability the stock market will go green, otherwise will tank ?

On Friday Morning February Friday 4rd there will also be a report about the job report. The Amazon earning result might be suppresed by the news about the job report.

Facebook (Meta Platform) reported earning yesterday, the stock tank time to get in??

Another one dropped significantly yesterday was Paypal (PYPL) after reporting bad earning.

Now a lot of people are talking about getting in in Alphabet (GOOG< GOOGL) after reporting beating earning and stock split 1 for 20?

I am a contrarian, so while people get in in Alphabet that will push the price further up, I will do the opposite will add FB stock while in the major discount as FB has invested billions of dollars in Metaverse. In the long run they will become one of the main players of the Metaverse along with Unity, Roblox, Microsfot, Amazon. NVidia.

Also FB (Meta Platform) missed on earnings, but beats on revenue.

Interesting Shell not up much on earnings so far, seemed to be strong at a glance. Certainly made me confident of BP earnings next week.

Spotify’s down about 8/9% in pre-market after releasing its earnings:

Earning and future Guidance (Expected Earning) has always been the big mover for a particular stock. So If you believe in the stock and the earning will improve over the next few years while people are dumping their stock due to overreaction, to me I will buy instea, especially if it is a bluechip stock.

What are predictions from members on Amazon q4…

  • Blowout
  • Hit
  • Miss

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Took a bet.

Let’s see now…

15% up after close :partying_face:


Thank the Lord, hopefully that’ll stem the carnage.

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Well reading briefly through the report. I don’t see much positive.

But AH 16%+…

SNAP 42%+ AH…

This are some crazy times…

Snapchat and pinterest looking like the short term moves of the day

AWS growth and outlook looking great

Snapchat and pinterest, twitter all of them will be highly effected by the sentiment of FB (Metaverse) disappointing earning.

Ford misses EPS and revenue Feb 3, 2022. The stock down -3.6% and another -4% after hours. Time to get in or adding position ??

Ford will be one of the big players in the EV. Just investing a lot of money from their EV division.

I’d been toying with the idea of a $20 put on Ford but unfortunately didn’t commit.
I’d wager that any company that has to take supply chain or silicon chips into account for forward guidance is going to struggle after announcing earnings.

The week Starting February 07, 2022
220207 Earning

Nice miss from TakeTwo, Twilio, Enphase, Datadog, Cloudflare and Magna would be good.