Earning Season November 2021

In my personal Observation earning season could become a major catalyst. The stocks will normally plunge and sometimes significantly when they miss the Analysts expectation.
If you have a high conviction stock are dippings, you might want to load the boat and ride it from there. Sometimes it is good to sell it back when they are already profitable before the next earning season.

This is just my personal opinion, which might not be accurate. Please do your own DDs and decide which course of action is the best for you.

I think for those who want more SBUX the dip after last weeks earnings looks solid time to add. I think about 50%+ of my portfolio has already reported but my two biggest holdings BP and BABA are reporting this week, as are ATVI. Will be watching NET earnings both for business performance but also with an eye on any overreactions in stock price.

Wonder also how the US and UK central bank meetings wil affect things with potential interest rate rise in UK and tapering in US.

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Aston Martin are due tomorrow as well I think.

APPS selling off 6% on an epic earnings report… :expressionless:

Increase my $ATVI position a fair bit at $65 on this dip, the company has like >$8 per share cash on the books, solid franchises, COD:Vanguard about to drop. Yes some less than ideal news of other releases and ongoing Blizzard s**t show but I feel the Activision part is strong. On this dip is touch below 20 P/E…

Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI) Issues Quarterly Earnings Results, Beats Estimates By $0.02 EPS. Stock Plunge -15.30% today. Many Analysist Expection is “buy” zone

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Make that 18% … on amazing earnings… :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

This Week: November 8, 2021 Most Anticipated Earnings

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Haven’t beyond meat been and gone hence the dip?

It is already correct e.g November 10, 2021. I think the continuous price drop is related to earning is the projected earning guidance.

Coinbase (COIN) earning yesterday after the close of the market, miss the analysts estimates

The stock plunge -11.26% pre market and there are still over 3 hours before the market open so it might keep dropping. Time to enter (?)

This coming Week of the most anticipated Earning


Alibaba is my main focus, but also hold NVIDIA, NVIDIA run up has been crazy a bit like NET which has made me slightly wary, but NVIDIA is such a strong company long term.

NVIDIA (NVDA) is for a very long hold in my opinion. They are one of the main player of METAVERSE.

Indeed, I sold out of NET for now recently, but with NVDA I am happy to hold, I want to add as well just not right now. Earnings will be interesting.

MetaVerse just another buzzword at this point.

Facebook really did it’s distracting act well with the name change and metaVerse announcements.

Metaverse is a very long way off the way Facebook imagines it.

Nvidia has a different view about it but it’s extremely limited in scale. Only targeted to 3 Modellers and such (Think engineers). I can’t recall the name of the product but it was launched quite recently.

The earnings report will have very strong numbers indeed but let’s see how the stock reacts

This Coming week, The week beginning November 22, 2021. Most anticipated earning


Not much to get excited about there :grin: