Earnings Season

Quite the interesting earnings season it’s been thus far. One of my top holdings (AMD) got pummeled today even though they crushed expectations while Boeing soared despite their results being absolute trash…

Anybody else vigilantly holding TSLA that’s considering hedging tonight? TSLA’s by far my largest holding and I definitely believe in it long term but I feel like even the slightest miss will result in a horrible AMD-type of sell-off.

Well if you believe in tsla long term, then in case of selloff, there is your buying opportunity…

I think you are probably very happy at the moment! big load of cash Elon sent your way!

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rose tinted glasses much? They BARELY beat. Microsoft is what you call crushing it

Yeah, tbh I did exaggerate AMD’s beat a bit. Luckily, TSLA didn’t disappoint and delivered astonishing earnings - the short sellers got completely steamrolled.