TSLA sets new records!

Waitttt for itttt. Wait for ittttttt. :smiley: :clock1:

LOL. $1000 per share though from those lows. Crazy!


Good luck to all holders.

I played the swings a little, but for me now there’s a lot better long term prospects out there.

bought 10k worth at 800 and thought that was pretty high value at the time. expecting swings in short term to maybe even back to 500, but will hold for 5 years or more, potential growth and more importantly cult like following and strong brand loyalty I really like.


I’m irritated with myself for not buying in a few extra shares when it crashed in March along with everything else. Must have slipped under the radar, that’s for sure. Hindsight and all that jazz though.

I’m annoyed because I had literally zero money during the crash, I would have been putting every penny in

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My problem was that I invested first and some stocks that has dropped deeper, but for sure with less growth potential… then have to wait one more month to feed my account and the “big players” were out of a very attractive buy point :unamused:

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I even started to create an limit order for Tesla just when it was around $380… but I decide to “bet” in $300 and we know what happened :joy:

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Yea, I missed the crash on the way down. ISA was mid way through transferring and then lockdown happened and my bank wouldn’t do their part of the ISA Transfer. Killed a good amount of profit.

Thought i’d be smart and buy airlines, then scared myself out of selling before the buying commenced. Kind of happy I got out though, it made me realise I like ETFs more.

Lol we all thought TSLA was going down more though! >.<

I bought a small amount of TSLA earlier (before its huge drop) but I was also thinking that its price is too much compared to its “ideal” valuation. When it reached values close to 1000, I sold my holdings in parts.

It keeps rising and it may rise in the future as well, but I think one should not hold a company if he/she does not believe that the price reflects the company value/potential.

Same goes with Zoom. I bought it at 136 but don’t think that +200 is a reasonable price and recently sold out. It may have a way higher price in the future but I wouldn’t be comfortable without thinking that the price is justified. If it drops back, I can consider buying again depending its current position in the video conferencing sector.

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Great to see it reach these heights and if it goes back down around my buy-in then I’ll pick up another: :rocket:

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Tesla to close above $1000 today? :thought_balloon:

I’m looking forward to Monday when the earnings will be reported… it will have a drop this quarter for sure, the whole point is how much!?

Financial numbers apart… in normal scenarios, I don’t think Tesla will trade for less than $800 anymore… only if something big happens or another long lockdown and so on.

Agreed, although wouldn’t mind it going down to $900. Have anchoring bias playing on me atm.


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