EHang research report -> drone in free fall

Grab some popcorn cause this drone looks like its making a crash landing.

Was this on news? Its a massive drop, jeez
Glad I took profits weeks ago , pheww

Found it, there you go:


Wolfpack always impress, really nice report

This is truly hilarious


Wish I sold everything, anyway even if it drops to 0 tomorrow I will have had a profit overall, so lucky jeez

Can’t believe that went unnoticed so long wtfff


Oh wow I didn’t even notice you had a position in it :pensive::pensive:

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:scream_cat: sounds like Hindenburg vs Nikola report, Rolling trucks off the hill without a drive chain.

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Feel bad on this guy now…

First his T212 Video gets taken down now he’s holding the bag.

Looks like it’s EHanging off a cliff


This is also why I am staying well clear of Chinese Stock companies.

They tend to lie a lot about actual revenue.

Yeah really not his fault though, unless you expect him to go and do an internal audit of their financial statements :joy:

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Yeah, would not expect him to go into it that much, but a stroke of bad luck after the fiasco of saying T212 cannot be trusted and never retracted. Maybe this was some weird Karma?

Has anyone seen the video? No sound, no context, leading questions on-screen designed to raise alarm. I’m not passing judgement on whether the company is a fraud (though you can clearly see drone vehicles in the video), but the video is sketchy evidence.

But it had the desired effect - I guess they made a lot of money.

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We have to be careful of short reports as well. They make a killing in all this, even if later proven to be false. Remember their motivation in all this. They put in massive shorts just prior to releasing the report. If that isn’t the equivelant to insider trading, I don’t know what is.


Who shorted? Could definitely be insider trading/manipulation but I look at it with pragmatism:

The stock is completely overpriced anyway, especially in current market conditions: clear take profit bells ringing. That report gave me a reason to stop being greedy, sell and pocket profits which are handsome I must say. Not worth the risk.

Activist short selling is fairly common and has been going on a while. Only since the GME saga have a significant number of people started to kick up a stink about short selling, associating it with market manipulation or foul play - most of the time this is not the case.

In this case, wolfpack research released the report and the fact they have a short position, which is how they get paid for their research costs.

I look at it a different way, if you know this or worry about these issues then by logic you have two options:

  1. Avoid the market completely, and lose great gains to be had over short and long term. (MISTAKE in my opinion).

  2. Invest in the big companies that cannot fail or fudge things as easily, that also large investors (Chinese and Western) have a stake in.

So China should be played broadly, not with speculative companies, it is cool for youtubers to say ‘invest in X Chinese company’ to make them seem like they have inside scoop but most have probably not even been to China let along understand businesses or industries there. For 1 drone companies in China are numerous, so super competitive market with some big players already.

My recommendation, buy only the best of the best in China in individual stocks, and buy ETFs/Funds by smart companies. For companies buy Alibaba, Tencent, JD, Moutai, Meituan etc of that level (top in industry already). For ETFs look to FCSS, BGCG, VFEM (for Chinese and other asian holdings).

Play China, dont play 1 small company.

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I personally avoid China altogether regardless of Profit as I do not like to support a Communist Capital Regime.

More personal than rational and don’t mind if anyone else does as they want to make Profits.

I also fear that the CCPs Growth will also infleunce US/UK Companies to start taking a similar stance in total control of Customer Opinion and will make the Market no longer Free as the likes of Tencent buy into other Sectors and Companies.

That’s my thoughts on the matter. :slight_smile:

I completely understand and absolutely fine. Just from investment pint of view avoiding the 2nd biggest economy (soon the biggest) could hold you back somewhat but still plenty of great companies outside China.

I also vote with my feet on certain companies where I wont buy their stock, sadly ETFs force me to somewhat :smiley:

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It seems like you guys need to watch this movie:


Yeah we all have that line to cross when you think about it. China is sadly one of them. (Funny as I have some tiny Chinese in me from the Jamaican side of my family!)

I am the same with Facebook and Twitter as I feel like they kind of promote crazies and the worst types of people on there.

I do want to look into more ETFs but happy to see some of my individual stocks do well atm.

What’s up with Ehang by now? I have given back my profits in this stock after the massive sell off following the short report. I am doing research to see if the findings in the report holds up or was done purely to profit from. I do notice there are one or two possible legal cases that might be in the offing against eHang for misleading investors. Not sure what to make of all this.