Energy ETFs on T212

Is there an ETF on T212, I could buy to my Invest/ISA account that covers the Energy/Oil company sector on T212?
I have checked and can only find for Global Clean Energy and Wisdomtree Crude Oil which don’t meet my needs.
I have requested Global Energy sector ETFs - WNRG and IXC, but they don’t appear on this platform.

Any ideas?



I bought

iShares STOXX Europe 600 Oil & Gas UCITS ETF (DE) (EUR) | SXEPEX

Holds Total, Shell, BP, Vestas, etc.

Please WNRG and IXC to the platform :crossed_fingers:

Unlike STOXX, they include world giants holds Exxom, Chevron, ConocoPhillips as well those mentioned above

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That would be almost 25% Exxon and Chevron, which you can easily buy already.

But the more the merrier.

Does that not defeat the object of an etf in having a weighted ‘basket of stocks’ rather than buying singularly?

WNRG gives exposure to an eclectic mix ofOil producers UK , US, EU and Canadian.

Hoping it gets added so can invest with T212