Error maximum quantity = 6 shares when trying to buy CTO shares

I have 3 shares of the US stock CTO.
I’m trying to buy 5 additional shares;
But I receive the following error :

Any idea why I’m limited to 6 shares ?
I’m only having this error with this CTO stock

Thanks !

We just increased the maximum quantity to 800, @Bibi :pray:

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Indeed. thanks a lot !
have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Please can you increase the limit for induction health care idhc

Sure, we increased the limit to 2000 :pray:

Can you also increase the quantity for digihost?

It is set at 325 and I would like to average down

Done, @ssjabid. :white_check_mark:

We’ve reviewed the maximum quantities for Digihost Technology (DGHI). The maximum order quantity & position size is now 2390 shares.