Shares buy orders

Hello , am I the only one having that issue?
Maybe a month ago I was able to purchase lets say 1000 shares of stock with one order.
Now I can do that but buy order is limited only to 200shares at every time , so
I have to do that 5 times in a row instead of one…
any help?


It’s not just you - keep an eye on this page for current restrictions:

Hey @Krzysztof, we recently updated the maximum order and position size for the securities we offer.

Can you provide me with the name/ticker of the instrument you’re referring to? I’ll be glad to check if any adjustments can be made to the quantities.

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it’s SPRO , thank you

The maximum traded quantities for Spero Therapeutics were just amended, @Krzysztof :pray:

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Hello could you change maximum traded quantity for company ticker RNAZ?

@Krzysztof, it’s done :white_check_mark:

We have increased the maximum quantities for TransCode Therapeutics (RNAZ). The maximum order quantity & position size is now 5000 shares.

hello could you incrase maximum quantities for the ticker UCL?

We’ve increased the maximum order quantity & position size for Ucloudlink (UCL) to 5000 shares.