ETF Filter For Selecting Securities


I would like to see a more user friendly list of the available list of ETFs. Moreover, I would like to have them filtered by physical or synthetic, accumulated or distributed and by the trading currency (EUR, USD or GBP). In this way, I can only check those that I’m interested about. For instance, I’m only interested in accumulating ETFs (for tax reasons), traded in EUR (as I’m European) and with physical replication (to avoid counterparty risks).


There are a lot of new features coming to the platform this month so maybe after they can focus as well on ETFs.

I was wondering as well what information they might add to ETF instruments and probably based on that data they can create also the filtering part.

Also, I don’t know if you are familiar with JustETF but you can find there good information.

Would be great to have at least an option to filter by accumulating/distributing.