ETF request - CZX and SK9A for T212 Markets Ltd

Hello, can you please add these two ETFs ?

Expat Czech PX UCITS ETF (BGCZPX003174) - CZX
Expat Slovakia SAX UCITS ETF (BGSKSAX04187) - SK9A

Thank you very much.

Noted, @martkri. :writing_hand:

I’ll let you know as soon as we review the request.

Both instruments are now available.

Edit: We further reviewed those instruments, and unfortunately, they don’t fit the criteria, so that they won’t be available. Sorry about that.

Hi @Bogi.H, not that I wish to to invest in those ETFs, but when adding new instruments could T212 add them across all T212 entities (UK and CY)? (I suppose it will be also less time-consuming for T212.)

We either add instruments to both entities at the beginning or balance them out down the road. Either way, good thinking, @RLX - we’ll have that in mind!

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