ETF REQUEST - iShares & Vanguard


I’m trying to build a pie with ETFs which are both accumulating and in GBX (to avoid the change in FX rates). Advice regarding my suggestions below would be really helpful.

Could the following ETFs be added:

  • VUAG - could we get a fractional version of this as I currently can’t add this to my pie.

  • RBTX - I currently have RBOT but that’s in USD.

  • INRG - Is there an accumulating version of this? If so, please can it be added.

  • ECAR - Is there a GBX version of this? If so, please can it be added.



@Team212 @David Hi, would it be possible to have these added please?


The current rise in GBP exchange rate against the dollar is having quite the negative affect on the FX rates and the reports that the UK markets are expected to continue to rise through 2021 it is expected the pound will continue to rise.

I really wish to change to alternative ETFs which are GBX and accumulating to avoid these negative FX rates. Recommendations would be highly appreciated.