Etf request (SMH)

Can you please add this ETF and make it fractional?

VanEck Vectors Semiconductor UCITS
Ticker: SMH

(Sorry if this is posted double but I couldn’t find my first post on this)

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Share! I am also interested in this ETF (in dollars or Euro)

also interested in SMH ETF for ISA

The UK-listed version has been added under SMGB. SMH is the US version which cannot be added due to EU regulations.

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It should be possible, the dollar version.
It says so on the VanEck website

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I stand corrected, you are right that there’s also a dollar-denominated equivalent on the LSE. It’s got the same ticker as the US version, so wrongly assumed that was what you were requesting. That said, it shouldn’t make much, if any, difference which you invest in.

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No problem. For me I like to have my portfolio in one currency, dollars in my case. Idk it just makes it more organised for me.

VanEck Vectors Semiconductor UCITS IE00BMC38736
Ticker: SMH

This is the one!

Can this one please be added? Ive been asking for weeks now

Im not sure what to do anymore… Ive requested multiple times on the general stock/ etf request page. A lot of stocks have beed added, but not SMH. Anyone have suggestions what to do?

Hey mate it was added recently but ticker is SMGB, it was added a couple weeks ago.

the ISIN is the same as the one listed in GBP. will just have to trade the available one and deal with currency fluctuations

Unless I misunderstand, the SMGB one is listed in £ so ‘in app’ there is no currency change, or you mean due to this matching SMH that SMGB will go up/down more due to being in £ when £ and $ move against each other?

but there is also one in dollars…

I know there is. Ultimately, the stock is already available for the gbp listing, so it’s very unlikely for people to point out the usd listing. If you want the stock, use the gbp one for now even if it means fx impact until the usd can be added. There is no promised time line for stock additions so could be a while and you may miss out on the gains.

Incase anyone gets confused:

Just in luck, try checking for SMH over the next few days, David says it has been added so it should need some time to appear in the search results listing. I don’t know if this means it will come fractional however.

Yess its been added. Not fractional. But I’m happy with the fact that it’s added!