VanEck launches Europe’s first semiconductor ETF

SMH.L ($)
SMGB.L (£)

Please add @David

SMGB.L now live today on LSE


Do you have a source for this?

I guess it is also UCITS then.




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Such a shame that an ETF like that is arriving so late on the European market. It’s almost like it’s done on purpose so that EU retail investors miss on the boom.
Do you think that semiconductors still have potential or are they overvalued right now ? Just wondering what you think about it…
The ETF just got listed on btw:

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I think this industry has only just started.
Yes this year has seen huge gains, a d we have missed the party without this etf. But the next 5 years will bring massive gains too.

We need it on 212 soon

@David thanks :blush:

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I’m sure @team212 will add it as soon as possible.
Hopefully you’re right about the next 5 years !

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Please could we get this one added.
Thanks in advance @David


:raised_hands:t2::pray:t2: ill add @PeterA too lol

Why do people wait for an ETF to come around in order to target a specific industry?

I’ve had a pie with similarish weightings to the ones in this ETF (plus a lot other smaller silicon oriented companies, but minus TSMC due to it being non-ISA ) for few months and right now is 13% up.

Wasn’t the the main lure of the pies the ability to replicate ETFs that are not UCITS compliant?

I think it is each to their own when it comes to investing.
It’s a very personal thing, to were we invest our own money.
People like pies they can create.
People like ETFs.
I like Etfs & Pies, & I have requested this one to be added., & this one is UCITS & on the LSE.

Just bumping as this is the year for Semi’s!

Thank you @David @PeterA

Both SMH.L ($) & SMGB.L (£) are now both live on LSE. Cheers,

Yes I support this too, have been considering this ETF as their ESPO one is listed and is awesome.

I would also be interested :slight_smile:.

Can we get some conformation that this etf will be added? Or the etf SOXX would also be great!

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Would be great to see this added as a fractional ETF.


I am also interested in this ETF (in dollars or Euros). Fractional would be perfect

This should be live today. which is great news

Added now. Archiving topic.