ETFs for long term

Any suggestions for some steady ETFs for long term regular savings over 5 years, 250/month ?

I guess for starters - do you have a preference on a starting currency - GBP/EUR/USD? You would avoid Trading212’s 0.5% currency conversion fees.

For GBP as a start you could consider VWRP - Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS ETF USD Accumulation ( GBP) with is 0.22% charge if you pick an ETF in your base currency.

The alternative could be to pick your own split of ETF’s that match the fund, I think someone got the OCF down to 0.11%, but then you would need to self balance/reweight potentially if you wanted to match performance at a slightly cheaper cost.

This is a misapprehension. There is no currency conversion fee in the Invest and ISA accounts. The 0.5% is charged only on the “result” when closing a CFD position that involves a different currency to that of your account.

Good point - just googled it and realise its now 0% - brilliant!

This is my Pie to be:

Thanks. Base currency GBP.
I have chosen FTSE 250 from previous forum.
VWRP - is another one suggested here.